Fleet management

Innovative & digital processes in the depot

The new business area "Fleet and Depot Management" offers an expansion of the already proven ATRON solutions for ticketing and operations control center (ITCS / RBL). The smart software solutions of the RX series increase the efficiency of the depots and increase the availability of the entire vehicle fleet. The fact that fewer vehicles can be made available gives transport companies greater financial scope when it comes to purchasing new vehicles, for example vehicles with sustainable drives.

A real unique selling point is the ATRON infrastructure, which consists of an efficient software and hardware. Driving data (TARGET/ACTUAL data) are bundled with vehicle status data from the FMS/CAN gateway and sent to the depot and/or the repair shop as well as to external software interfaces - live and in real time. This makes work processes more efficient and thus saves the costs for administrative tasks.

ATRON services at a glance:

  • bundling of driving data (target/actual), FMS/CAN bus, geo-position and data from the driver registration
  • fleet management including monitoring of vehicle condition data (FMS/CAN data)
  • monitoring of battery status and ranges with alternative drives - live and in real time
  • the ATRON Driver App RX for collecting disturbances on the vehicle during operation
  • the new digital logbook "digital logbook RX"

The ATRON on board computer thus becomes an essential data and communication centre in your vehicles.

New: Fleet Operating System RX (FOS RX)

The complete vehicle fleet at a glance

The Fleet Operating System RX (FOS RX) receives all of the following data from the vehicle online and in real time:

target/actual driving data (types of services from the timetable)
vehicle status data from the FMS/CAN bus
Geo-location data of the vehicles
driver data from authentication using the ATRON System Card/System Key

This bundled data provides the repair shop/depot staff currently and automaticly with a transparent overview of the entire vehicle fleet. An anomaly on the vehicle is automatically detected on the basis of preconfigured threshold values, which can be deposited individually depending on the bus type. Before the bus driver notices a problem with the vehicle, the experts can intervene at the central to send a replacement bus "just in time", for example. A message appears on the on board computer and the passengers are informed immediately. This enables a smooth process and reduces the risk of penalties.

The advantages at a glance:

  • the Fleet Operating System RX is also linked to the new ATRON Driver App RX. If the driver identify a defect in the vehicle, the app sends it to the background system. The backend software takes care of the entire process and documents the progress in a digital vehicle file.
  • offline analyses from the Fleet Operating System RX enable a database for predictive maintenance
  • all vehicle data, including dates for the next TÜV/HU or inspection, are clearly displayed chronologically in a digital vehicle file - keeping Excel lists is a thing of the past
  • the FOS RX is a browser-based software and can be used flexibly using a standard web browser

New: ATRON Driver App RX

Improve processes and reduce language barriers

The ATRON Driver App RX (iOS/Android) optimizes and digitizes communication between the driver and depot/repair shop if there are occured damages on the vehicle. Using a smartphone, the driver can now transmit the current status of the vehicle to the depot during his shift.

The intelligent core of this software is the self-developed ATRON malware code matrix. In the background, the damaged component is automatically assigned to a condition. Based on a pre-qualified message from the system - live and in real time, the qualified employee in the depot/repair shop decides whether the vehicle can continue to operate or, for example, must be removed from service due to a defective brake.

The advantages at a glance:

  • easy operation and multilingual live translation - the driver's entered text is translated in real time into the desired language of the employees in the control centre
  • the driver locates the defect in the app and sends the exact position to the workshop. This saves valuable time when analyzing the defective vehicle in the repair shop
  • the ATRON Driver App RX enables the user to make a context-sensitive pre-selection of concerned components
  • in the background system, a digital vehicle file provides the driver in the app and the employee in the control centre with a chronological overview of past vehicle activities.

New: ATRON autonomic Logbook RX

The first fully functional digital logbook for public transport

With the new autonomic logbook RX, ATRON introduces the first fully functional digital logbook in public transport. So that the cumbersome keeping of paper logbooks by public transport companies is a thing of the past. Using the software and hardware used in the vehicle, the data essential for keeping the logbook is generated directly on the ATRON on board computer AFR 4 and sent to the background system - live and in real time.

The following parameters are essential:

  • the exact mileage of the vehicle from the FMS/Can bus
  • RBL driving data and the types of services essential for tax relief (bus route, etc.)
    a digital driver signature using authentication on the vehicle computer AFR 4 using the ATRON System Card or the ATRON System Key

The difference to common telematics solutions is the additive supply of service types, driving data and the digital driver signature using the ATRON System Card/System Key on the vehicle computer. The system thus ensures, above all, the correctness and consistency of the data, which must be able to withstand a review of the tax relief applications by customs.

The transport companies can now view the logbooks in the Fleet Operating System RX at any time, generate reports and create the tax relief for customs at the end of the year by "push of a button". The cumbersome transfer of data from the handwritten paper log books into Excel lists is a thing of the past.

New: Monitoring alternative drives

For tomorrow`s demands

In order to switch to fully electric buses, extensive monitoring of the vehicles in operation is required. While new drive technologies are environmentally friendly, they pose some uncertainties for transport companies. Especially in extreme situations such as low temperatures in winter, running air conditioning on hot days in summer or when the bus is full, the battery is subject to unpredictable loads. By "monitoring alternative drives", ATRON offers a solution from the RX software range for transport companies who want to keep an overview of the condition of their fleet at all times.

The services at a glance:

  • display of the exact charge status from the FMS/Can bus
  • transmission of the remaining ranges to the control centre (ITCS/AVL) - live and in real time
  • consideration of the rate of occupancy in the range managementT

The Fleet Operating System RX also stores additive the charge status in the digital vehicle file and documents it, for example, for predictive maintenance evaluations.