On Board Applications

The on board computer for many operational purposes

ATRON|On Board Applications

ATRON Smart Vehicle Location (ASVL)

The ASVL offers all the functions of an RBL client and can be operated both as a standalone solution and in conjunction with the ATRON Gateway (AVG). The standalone solution is ideal if a fixed installation is not possible in small vehicles due to lack of space. A solution with AVG is resonable if additional components/interfaces of the vehicle periphery are to be integrated.


  • event and time-controlled online connection via GSM/LTE
  • position report to the control centre/display of the last and next stops
  • voice and data communication with the control centre
  • android-based app for standard smartphones and tablets
  • integration of third-party apps
  • intuitive operation
  • can be used as a standalone solution for small vehicles or together with AVG for large vehicles
  • updates and data supply take place automatically due to full integration into the ATRIES background system


  • circular or roster-controlled tour selection
  • manual tour selection by choice the line, direction and stop
  • GPS-based positioning
  • display of the stopp string with stops, timetable, distance and expected arrival time
  • automatic switching of the stop
  • monitoring and displaying the deviation from the timtable
  • day/night switching of the screen
  • quick driver change
  • message centre for administration of voice and data communication

In cooperation with AVG, further components/interfaces of the vehicle periphery can be integrated.

Supported functions:

  • PA control for microphone, indoor and outdoor speakers, e.g. for announcements
  • control of indoor and outdoor indicators via IBIS-IP or IBIS for passenger information
  • control of LSA and barriers/switches
  • robbery call with activation of the control centre via a hidden button


ATRON|On Board Applications

ATRON Modular Vehicle Location (AMVL)

Every vehicle that participates in the ITCS / RBL system requires an on-board unit (OBU). This sends the position to the control center, for example, or realizes communication with the driver. The AMVL application offers all the functions of an RBL client and runs on the ATRON Vehicle Terminal (AVT 4.10) in conjunction with the ATRON Vehicle Gateway (AVG).

This solution is suitable for all customers who do not need ticket sales through the driver. All additional components/interfaces of the vehicle peripherals (indicators, ELA, door contacts, GPS & mobile radio, radio for LSA) can be integrated via the AVG.

  • online connection via GSM / LTE
  • event and time-controlled position reports to the control centre
  • display of the last and next stops of the line
  • voice and data communication with the control centre
  • intuitive operation
  • automatic software updates and data supply
ATRON|On Board Applications

ATRON Route Guide

Navigation at the on board computer

With the ATRON Route Guide, ATRON offers a professional navigation solution for its AFR 4 on board computer, which supports and guides the driver through map and position display as well as route information.

Examples and advantages of navigation:

  • faster training of new drivers
  • takeover of tours on unknown lines
  • drop-ins/drop-outs from/to an unknown depot
  • spontaneous rerouting of the route if there are obstacles
  • support in the communication from dispatcher to driver and activation of alternative or additional routes

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is used as map material, but maps from here and TomTom can also be offered on request. In addition to the navigation software in the vehicle, ATRON also supplies a route editor for the ATRIES background system, in which routes can be recorded and maintained in a graphic editor based on the OSM maps. The intermediate route points (location type 5) supplied with the timetable import (VDV 452) can be adopted. Only verified routes of a line approved by the consultant are transferred to the on board computer in order to ensure correct navigation for the driver.

Basic license for route navigation

With the basic route navigation license, the driver is shown the current position and the predefined route on the map on the screen. The driver is supported by:

  • manual and automatic switching of the driving screen & zoom function (depending on speed or at crossingd)
  • day/night illustration
  • precise guidance through voice instructions and arrow display & lane assistant
  • display of signs such as distance to the next maneuver

License free navigation

With the Free Navigation license, predefined destinations and free destinations (address entry) can be selected or entered as the destination. The software then calculates the optimal route to the selected destination and then supports the driver as with the guided navigation. When using professional maps from the manufacturers here or TomTom, the software takes into account vehicle-typical restrictions such as height and weight.

Dynamic navigation license

The Dynamic Navigation license is used in conjunction with the ATCS-RX control center of the ATRON operations control system in order to receive planning measures relating to route guidance from the control centre and then to navigate.

With the help of the route editor, the dispatcher plans alternative and additional scheduled routes in the control centre software

The following options can be recorded, activated and distributed to the affected vehicles:

  • long-term route rescheduling for one or more lines
  • short-term diversions for one or more tours
  • special tours
  • short turns and long turns

The alternative route is activated or deactivated in the vehicles in a time-controlled manner and the dynamic navigation guides the driver on the alternative route. In this way, all affected drivers can be quickly and efficiently informed about the new route.