Inspection infrastructure

Secure validation of tickets


ACT 422

Smartcard terminal for mobile or stationary use

ATRON Smartcard terminal ACT 422 is suitable for both mobile and stationary use. It is specially tailored to the requirements of e-ticketing. The focus is on contactless smart cards based on the ISO / IEC 14443 standard.

  • compact device design with function-optimized arrangement of display and card reader
  • expandable with 2D barcode scanner
  • contact surface for optimal smartphone positioning
  • display for signaling the status
  • can be used as a stationary variant in pre-sale locations as a customer terminal
  • can be integrated into the ATRON DEBAS system

Possible areas of application

  • check-in terminal for the 2nd lane and the rear entrances
  • card reader with customer display for pre-sale

Mobile E-Ticket control of ATRON

ATRON Smart Ticket Inspection (ASTI)

The responsible personnel need light and handy control devices to check tickets. With ASTI, ATRON offers an Android app that was specially developed for the requirements of the control system and can be used on both consumer and industrial smartphones.

ASTI runs on Android smartphones from Android V4.2 - but that requires the support of NFC (transmission standard ISO 14443).

VDV-KA SAMs are required to test VDV-KA user media. ATRON offers special industrial smartphones with corresponding slots for this purpose.

more information about ASTI (pdf download)



ATRON operation terminal for mobile use

The ATRON AVT 4.6 is a operation terminal specially designed for use in vehicles. It is suitable for use as a driver terminal in an EKS system (for example with one or more ACT 420) as well as an additional control unit for an on-board computer.

The AVT 4.6 is characterized by a modern and compact device design. Operation take place via a bright and easy-to-read touchscreen. A mounting bracket allows the driver to optimally align the terminal.

Integration of ATRON DEBAS-System

For connection to a background system, the AVT 4.6 has a WLAN module and an Ethernet interface. The connection to other components in the vehicle is made via LAN or IBIS. The AVT 4.6 also serves as a data hub for the connected components/terminals and can thus supply current data, blacklists and software updates at all times.

Possible areas of application

  • operation terminal for ATRON`s entry control system (EKS)
  • operation termial for the central ATRON vehicle gateway AVG in buses, trams and trains
  • useable for single- and double-head operation