ATRON smart solutions
The entire portfolio from a single source

Smart Solutions for a better Future

A changing society always presents us with new and exciting challenges, which we willingly accept. That's why we work day by day on intelligent solutions for liveable cities and regions.

To increase the efficiency of the public transport companies and the comfort for passengers in order to transport as many people as possible door-to-door, in a climate-friendly way, ATRON expands its proven ticketing and control station systems with fleet and depot management solutions. ATRON is one of the few producer that offers the entire package of hardware, software and services from a single source.


Our aims

  • intelligent solutions for more liveable cities & regions
  • increasing efficiency at our customers & partners
  • transport passengers comfortably & climate friendly from A to B

Our passion

  • digitization, mobility and sustainability - for 40 years
  • robust & durable products with long maintenance cycles
  • open standards and interfaces
  • hightech from Bavaria

ATRON | Ticketing

Ticketing is much more than just selling tickets. Digitization makes the options for passengers more diverse and more comfortable. For transport companies the requirements though are becoming more complex. ATRON therefore offers a large selection of solutions for ticket sales - from stationary/mobile vending machines, via smart card terminals to browser-based web shop solutions - and all of this is bundled in the efficient ATRON infrastructure.

  • eTicketing solutions & tickets
  • mobile vending machines as the AFR 4 or stationary vending machines like the AFA 270
  • mobile control of the ticket comfortably as a smartphone application or at the self-service terminal in the vehicle
  • revenue protection using the ACT 420 eTicketing terminal
  • abo system 5 as a sales backround system

ATRON | Transport Control (ITCS/AVL)

The operations control center is the heart of the transport company, which must work continuously without disruptions and delays. In addition, the quality requirements of passengers have reached a high level and the risk of penalties is increasing.

For this reason, ATRON offers a connected RBL infrastructure of software and hardware that is optimally coordinated. For example, the new mobile ATCS RX is not only a robust and high-performance operations control center it also supports transport companies with quality assurance and better and valid management of penalties through smart new software solutions from the RX series.


ATRON | Fleet- and Depotmanagement

With the new business field"Fleet and Depot Management", ATRON is expanding its proven core business and is thus responding to the demands in the market for increasing the efficiency of depots. The self-developed smart solutions increase both the efficiency of transport companies and the availability of vehicles.

Core is the existing IT infrastructure of the high-performance ATRON software and hardware. Now the driving data (TARGET/ACTUAL data) is bundled with the vehicle status data from the FMS/CAN gateway to the control center (ITCS/AVL), depot, workshop and external software solutions - live and in real time. The intelligent infrastructure makes work processes more efficient and thus saves costs. The ATRON on-board computers and applications become the indispensable data and communication center in the bus of the transport company.


ATRON | Consulting and Services

The complexity of IT systems has increased enormously since the increasing digitalization of the transport industry. A trend can be seen that last but not least, the difficult public procurement law is causing the transport companies to consult external support during the idea phase. This takes time and is straining the project budget.

Why not directly involve a manufacturer with many years of know-how? Operative consulting is an essential component of ATRON. As a strong partner, ATRON supports customers throughout the entire process, from the idea to the implementation of the IT systems. ATRON thoroughly analyzes the requirements and wishes in operative consulting, adopt the project management and system integration through to professional training after implementation.

We focus on extensive technical knowledge, open interfaces and are ready for cooperation if we cannot provide services ourselves. Only in this way our customers are given optimal solutions, behind which we as a system integrat