eTicketing & tickets

Basics for ticket sales

The basis of every ticket sale is the underlying tariff model - whether paper or e-Ticket. All tariffs that are permitted on the vending machines are stored centrally in the ATRON back-end system. Each individual tariff can be set up according to certain rules. For example, individual sales ranges can be put together for each sales device and suitable operating sequences can be defined. The sales range can be given temporal and areal validities and much more.

ATRON also offers the option of importing tariffs directly into the ATRON background system using the tariff editor. All common tariff models (fixed tariffs, relation tariffs, special association tariffs) are either supported or can be provided quickly.

For the creation of paper tickets, ATRON offers a graphic WYSIWYG layout editor for simple design. Texts can be edited, positioned and the various fonts can be adjusted in size. Picture objects and logos are imported and can be freely rotated and positioned.

In addition to the classic sale of paper tickets, ATRON also supports various e-ticketing standards such as VDV-KA, RKF and HB v821

eTicketing  by VDV KA

From the very beginning, ATRON has accompanied the introduction of a uniform German eTicketing standard and implemented solutions - as a certified provider, ATRON supplies all the necessary components:

  • service provider system (DL-S) for checking and blocking driving authorizations (eTickets)
  • customer contract partner system (KVPS) for issuing driving authorizations
  • DL terminals for the control and immediate execution of blocking or action orders
  • KVP terminals for issuing tickets, even when on demand
  • systems customer and subscription management
  • tailored backend solutions for smooth data exchange with all relevant participants in the ION (interoperability system).
    Download of certification document(PDF)

Virtual tickets, account based ticketing and token ticketing:

Virtual ticketing means that driving authorizations and tickets are no longer stored on user media, but in the respective back-end system. The passenger identifies himself with a suitable user medium (token), which does not necessarily have to be issued by the association / transport company. ATRON offers a solution in this area that can even use non-company smart cards such as ski passes, student ID cards, debit and credit cards.