Passenger information

Inform passengers in time


ATRON`s solution

Unfortunately, the best IT infrastructure cannot avoid disruptions in operational processes. Again and again there are disruptions due to external influences such as emergency interventions or delays due to severe weather. However, timely and reliable communication to the passengers is important.

The passenger information is provided for the following applications:

announcements via loudspeakers
vehicle indicators (indoor/outdoor)
Data hubs for communication between transport companies

ATRON supports this via:

  • output of announcements via the on-board computer
  • control of exterior and interior indicators in vehicles
  • IBIS, IBIS-IP (VDV 301) and ITxPT
  • the supply of data hubs (VDV 454)

ATRON Passenger Display Controller (APDC)

With the APDC, ATRON has developed its own display controller for the dynamic passenger information display (DFI). The solution is installed in external displays from various manufacturers and then connected to the ATCS-RX control centre. The APDC serves as a front end to the ATRON ATCS RX (operations control centre) and enables an integrated control and monitoring of the displays.

The advantages at a glance:

  • display of text and pictograms
  • output of loudspeaker announcements
  • permanent connection to the ATRON control centre (ATCS RX) via LAN, LTE or WLAN
  • quick sign out of the vehicle after departure
  • support of two displays with different content
  • mirroring the display to the ATRON control centre (ATCS RX)
  • remote maintenance interface to the ATRIES backend

The APDC integrates the exterior displays into the ATRON DEBAS and like all devices in the DEBAS family,  it is easy to check and maintain. The ATRON Passenger Display Controller can be installed in all outdoor displays and enables the control of LED displays in a wide variety of formats.

The APDC also supports the following additional functions:

  • read out the display text on request
  • output language can be preconfigured
  • automatic adjustment of the display brightness to the ambient light
  • automatic adjustment of the volume to the ambient noise