Customer and subscriber management

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Customer and subscriber management

With its customer management and subscription/contract management, the modular ABOSystem5 offers a practice-oriented customer centre solution for any number of clients. The software is based on modern internet and web service technology and offers flexible expansion options for additional sales channels, for example.

Modules of the ABOSystem5:

  • simple, intuitive recording of customer data
  • extensive search functions
  • information modules including information function on important customer-related processes such as the list of hissubscription contracts with history, a list of bank details, access to open items, results of credit checks, blocking notices and the status of the automatic dunning procedure
  • depending on the customer's requirements, subscription tickets/driving authorizations can be issued on different media

The functionality of ABOSystem5 can be expanded by additional modules to cover special requirements.

ABOSystem5 – WebAbo (SelfService)

The WebAbo is a web portal for registered customers to manage subscription contracts online. The following operations are possible:

  • registration and password change
  • subscription order
  • change of address or name
  • change the method of payment
  • cancellation of subscription

The WebAbo architecture enables simple integration into existing web portals or simple adaptation to the customer's corporate identity.

ABOSystem5 – eTicket

This module is necessary for issuing eTickets according to VDV KA or ID ticketing. It contains the necessary extensions for the creation, storage and modification of eTickets, the integration of blacklists and the communication with ION. The output takes place via action lists, personalization devices or delivery to service providers. The ATRIES eTicketing modules are used for this, so that no data has to be maintained twice.

ABOSystem5 – Online student procedure

With this extension, the student application process is shifted from paper to electronic ordering. The process is carried out in 3 steps:

  • students/legal guardians fill out the application online and upload the required documents
  • consultants of the school office/cost unit check the application online and approve it
  • order is generated electronically in the system based on the electronic application

This eliminates the manual entry of applications by the consulltant, which simplifies the application process and avoids transmission errors. The online entry also benefits from the pre-assignment of the relevant data such as school, stop, zone and configurable plausibility checks. The applicant (student) will receive a copy of his application as a PDF document, which can be used for the school confirmation if the original must still be stamped and signed.