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Android-App (Open Source)

Maximum felxibility on the on board computer

In order to use external Android applications on the on-board computer, ATRON now offers an Android operating system embedded on the on-board computer. Apps can be integrated easily and independently of ATRON and the sandbox technology from Android ensures the necessary security.

The advantages at a glance:

  • fast and independent expansion of the on-board computer functions
  • intuitive operation of the new apps, as you are used to on a smartphone
  • operation by multi-touch of websites, PDF documents and many other applications

ATRON supplies the following apps with the Android starter package:

  • installer app for automatically installing the shared apps
  • web browser for calling predefined websites
  • PDF viewer & file manager

The documents and apps are provided in the ATRON background system ATRIES and distributed to the vehicle computers via the proven mechanisms. There you can also determine which Internet pages may be accessed using individual website authorization.

The Android extension requires at least one AFR 4 in the power configuration (DualCore, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB system memory). ATRON uses "Open Source Android" without Google apps for the app.