Passenger information

The satis­faction of the passen­gers con­sider­ably de­pends on reli­able infor­mation. Trav­el­lers like to know if the bus arrives on time or when the next tram leaves. ATRON in­forms passen­gers not only in real time, but also with dy­namic infor­mation. With intel­ligent target data/actual data com­par­ison, the data volume to be trans­ferred is re­duced to a minimum.

In the vehicle
During the trip, the pas­sen­gers can be in­formed about the next stop, the fur­ther course of the trip as well as the changing pos­sibili­ties at the next station. Further­more, an addi­tion­al enter­tain­ment program in­cluding suit­able ad­ver­tise­ment is also pos­sible. The moni­toring of the inte­rior of the vehicle can also be inte­grat­ed in the sys­tem. In case of an emer­gency, the exact posi­tion­ing of the ve­hicle as well as con­necting the micro­phones in the inte­rior is pos­sible by press­ing the emer­gency but­ton at the on-board computer.
At stops
Waiting pas­sen­gers are informed of plan­ned and actual depar­ture times of their means of trans­port in real time. If required, special dis­plays can be issued by the con­trol centre. Pas­sen­ger infor­mation can be pro­vid­ed on the central display or via loud­speaker or it can also be trans­ferred to logged-on smart phones.

Passenger information as integrated system solution

Only informed pas­sen­gers are satis­fied pas­sen­gers. There­fore, ATRON offers all serv­ices in the area of pas­sen­ger infor­mation from one source. ATRON on-board com­puters in con­nec­tion with the highly modern ATRON oper­ations control offers a real addi­tion­al value for trans­port company and pas­sen­ger.