Operations Control (AVL)

While require­ments in­crease con­tinu­ously, trans­port com­panies have to ad­here to a high quality stand­ard. With the high-per­for­mance soft­ware package "ATRIES-AVL", ATRON sup­ports trans­port com­panies in using oper­ations control as an instru­ment for quality manag­ment. Besides the classic fleet manage­ment func­tions, the soft­ware dis­plays all essen­tial data on the status of the vehicle (early/late arrival, punc­tuality) for the public trans­port au­thor­ities in a clearly struc­tured way. Passen­gers are auto­mat­ically in­formed about the opera­tions via DPI-displays, the Internet or smart phones in real time.

In many regions, the com­muni­cation with the AVL systems and data pools of neigh­bouring as­soci­ations is nec­es­sary. This is pos­sible with­out any prob­lems by means of the use of online inter­faces ac­cord­ing to VDV stand­ard. All in all, the intel­ligent ATRON AVL en­sures the pro­vi­sion of all rele­vant data for oper­ations and thus en­ables an optimal per­son­nel em­ploy­ment and pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion in real time.

With ATRIES AVL, ATRON offers an ideal information and disposition system for

  • reaction to disruptions
  • information of the passengers in real time
  • optimal planning of vehicles and personnel
  • comfortable monitoring and control of the traffic situation
  • influencing traffic signal lights to shorten the driving times
  • early recognition of operational and technical irregularities
  • clear and simple display of the operations
  • detailed statistical evaluation
In operations control, ATRON stands for clear, qualitative and efficient solutions.