Devices for driver sale

AFR4 on-bord computerATRON's on-board computers are all-in-one devices. Besides ticket sale, they also serve as ideal commu­nica­tion and infor­mation tool for the driver thanks to their AVL-function. Only one device guar­an­tees speedy work in daily oper­ation. ATRON on-board com­puters can be inte­grat­ed into all vehicle models and can be mount­ed on common pay desks. Thanks to the inte­grat­ed system solu­tion by ATRON, one device in the vehi­cle and only one back­ground system as data source is suffi­cient. A data evalu­ation is simply and con­ven­iently possible with only one high-perfor­mance software.

ATRON on-board computer of the new AFR 4 series offer:

Optimum operation comfort
A distinct feature of our on-board computer is the ergo­nomic operation comfort. The oper­ation concept is specif­ically adjust­ed to the require­ments of the driver person­nel, the menu is intui­tive and can be oper­ated easily.
Quick online communication
Quickly and securely, data is exchanged online be­tween the on-board com­puters and the con­nect­ed devices and system compo­nents in the vehicle and the back­ground soft­ware ATRIES. The sales data is promptly trans­ferred to the central soft­ware system for further processing.
Functional eTicketing
ATRON on-board computers and modularly con­nect­ed smart card ter­mi­nals sup­port the driver with con­trolled entry in elec­tronic fare manage­ment. ATRON is also a leader in eTicketing systems, which are built on the VDV-Kern­applikation.
Modular structure
The modular structure of all ATRON on-board com­puters lowers the cost for main­te­nance, service and repair. The in­vest­ment security ensured by this is equally important thanks to easy ex­pand­ability and prepa­ra­tion of the de­vices for future re­quire­ments.
ATRON's devices for driver sale offer every­thing com­bined in one device. And if the re­quire­ments change, we can always find a flexible way for modu­lar ad­just­ment. You're always on the right track with ATRON's on-board computers!