Internet sale as another sales channel
ATRON WebTick-LogoInternet sale has long been an important and growing sales channel for modern transport associations. A convenient and secure online ticket purchase not only promotes customer satisfaction, but can also significantly lower sales costs. In order to do so, the web shop has to be able to be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the transport company. The Internet sales system WebTick by ATRON meets exactly these requirements.

Advantages for the passenger
Passengers can comfortably purchase tickets from their own home via a web interface that is easy to operate. In addition, it is possible to use an electronic purse through the system. Billing can be done via all common online payment functions. WebTick saves the passengers time and and spares them the inconvenient search for change when purchasing a ticket, while making it possible to independently maintain the personal data.

Advantages for the transport company
WebTick SmartphoneAs an integrated module of the ATRON system solution, WebTick directly accesses the background system ATRIES. Relevant data is only saved in one location and is only exchanged via interfaces. It is also possible to access data in other systems or to integrate external payment providers via external interfaces. Thanks to full client capability, the sales of different providers can be billed separately. With WebTick, transport companies can reduce their administrative expenses. In the long run, the number of stationary sales devices can be reduced by establishing online sale. This leads to a significant reduction of investment and operational costs. WebTick offers the full spectrum of possibilities to both passengers and transport companies.

In the field of Internet sale, ATRON stands for sophisticated, flexible and secure solutions.