After air traffic, the electronic ticket is also en­tering public trans­port. Prof­ita­bility and cus­tomer satis­fac­tion are espe­cially impor­tant in Elec­tronic Fare Manage­ment (EFM). Under these as­pects, ATRON has de­vel­oped an ele­gant sys­tem solu­tion from suit­able hard­ware and soft­ware compo­nents.
Since a system is only as good as its eval­uation pos­sibil­ities, all rele­vant query pos­sibil­ities are avail­able in the ATRON back­ground soft­ware ATRIES. Besides the VDV-Kern­appli­kation, many other na­tional inter­oper­ability stand­ards, such as RKF or Hand­book 206 are sup­ported as well.
For a perfect inter­action in daily oper­ation, ATRON offers the com­plete port­folio of hard­ware and soft­ware for the area of eTicketing from one source. From the on-board com­puter and smart-card ter­minal to modern ticket ven­ding machines and mobile in­spec­tion de­vices to the con­trol soft­ware. Under the motto "Ticketing any­time and every­where", the Inter­net plat­form WebTick offers all on­line serv­ices around ticket pur­chase on the Internet.

With ATRON, you can benefit from all advantages of electronic ticketing:

  • maximum forgery security
  • minimum entry barriers
  • increased profitability
  • optimal evaluation possibility


Passengers can comfortably purchase tickets from their own home via a web interface that is easy to operate.

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