Everything from one source

As one of very few pro­viders, ATRON offers the com­plete port­folio for trans­port com­panies and asso­cia­tions from one source. With the ATRON DEBAS sys­tem and the infor­mation manage­ment soft­ware ATRIES, all compo­nents are com­bined as an inte­grated system solu­tion. Thanks to this modu­lar sys­tem, cus­tomer solu­tions can be de­vel­oped in a tail­ored and flex­ible way - suitable for the company size.

The hard­ware spec­trum ranges from the indi­vidu­ally ad­justed on-board com­puter to modern ticket ven­ding ma­chines and dynamic passen­ger infor­mation sys­tems. Barrier-free and linked with each other via web and cloud solu­tions, ATRON de­vices offer the best quality and high­est cus­tomer profit.

ATRON also bears the opera­tion costs in mind. All devices can be easily main­tained, single compo­nents can be ex­chan­ged quickly and simply. A hassle-free ex­pansion of the sys­tems to new require­ments at a later time pro­vides the neces­sary in­vest­ment security.

ATRON's portfolio is divided into four segments:

Fare management

ATRON stands for an un­compli­cated ticket purchase in every way: at the stop, on the vehicle, per CiCo system and with the on­line solu­tion WebTick.

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To put the search for small change to an end - the eco­nomi­cal Electronic Fare Mana­ge­ment by ATRON with the Inter­net platform WebTick.

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Operations control

AVL systems by ATRON are doing a perfect job - from a techni­cal point of view as well as under eco­nomical and quality-control aspects.

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Passenger information

ATRON provides reliable and compre­hen­sive infor­mation on ope­ra­tions in real-time. Your passen­gers will appre­ciate this.

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