Tide Buss and ATRON goes eTicketing

Picture: Tide Buss

(Bergen / Markt Schwaben, August 2013) Tide is on of the largest bus com­panies both in Norway and in Denmark with a total of 1400 buses. This also include "Kystbussen" - the ex­press bus be­tween Bergen and Stavanger and the airport coaches in Bergen - "Flybussen" - to Bergen Airport Flesland.

During this fall, the 40 coaches attached to "Kystbussen" and "Flybussen Bergen" will be equipped with the power­ful ATRAON e-ticketing system. In addition to tick­eting sale in the buses, two modern ATRON AFA 470 vend­ing ma­chines with eTicketing func­tion will be installed in Bergen in con­nec­tion with the ex­press buses to and from the air­port. The modern back­ground system enables com­pletely new possi­bili­ties in mar­keting. Besides the place­ment of adver­tising on screen and on chip­card there is also an option for con­nec­ting the eTicketing system to loyalty pro­grams pro­vided by several airline companies.

“We have already good ex­peri­ences with ATRON on-board computers, and we are also satis­fied that the new eTicketing system and the ven­ding ma­chines soon will be in oper­ation in our buses", Roger Harkestad, CEO of Tide Buss said after the system's accept­ance inspec­tion July 2013. Senior project manager Arno-Alexander Filbig is already looking for­ward to forth­coming projects: “We are proud to be allowed, also in the future, to stand as a partner to Tide”.

ATRON electronic GmbH

ATRON can look back on a history of more than 30 years. Since its founda­tion by the current Mana­ging Director Anton Tomov in 1980, the company has become one of the leading pro­viders of system solu­tions for public trans­port. The port­folio includes three main areas of business: fare manage­ment / eTicketing, opera­tions control and passen­ger informa­tion. The ATRON electronic GmbH with its head­quarters in Munich and the busi­ness premises in Markt Schwaben has become a group over the course of years - the ATRON Group. There are branches in Dortmund, Magdeburg and Zagreb (Croatia) and inde­pend­ent com[-9panies in Switzer­land and Sweden.
(Picture: Tide Buss)

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