ATRON successfully completes Project X-Trafik in Sweden

(Söderhamn / Markt Schwaben, October 2013) X-Trafik with its head­quar­ters in Söder­hamn is the traffic asso­cia­tion of the Swe­dish prov­ince of Gävleborgs Län with more than 275,000 in­hab­it­ants. X-Trafik trans­ports ca. 14 million pas­sen­gers per year on re­gional train con­nec­tions as well as in around 75 city and 135 inter­city buses.

The complete sales structure of X-Trafik was re­new­ed in the be­gin[]ning of X-Trafik busOc­to­ber 2013 with the in­tro­duc­tion of the new DEBAS system by ATRON elec­tronic GmbH. For this, the whole bus fleet was pro­vid­ed with com­plet­ely new equip­ment. ATRON in­stalled 210 on-board com­puters of the AFR4 series as well as 210 smart card ter­mi­nals of the type ACE130 on site. The new on-board com­puters also take over the con­trol of the pas­sen­ger infor­ma­tion dis­plays inside the vehi­cles. Another 20 AFR4.2 are used in sta­tion­ary ad­vance sale. 20 mobile ter­mi­nals from the AMR series are used for ticket sale and ticket in­spec­tion on trains. Be­sides ticket sale, the re­lat­ed in­spec­tion, ac­count­ing and or­gan­isa­tion proc­esses are con­ver­ted and inte­grat­ed into the ATRON DEBAS ticket system. The reli­able data supply is adapted by the central soft­ware ATRIES, via which sub­scrip­tions and school tickets are issued as well.

Another inno­vation at X-Trafik is the in­tro­duc­tion of the ATRON Inter­net sales system WebTick. In future, pas­sen­gers can con­ven­iently pur­chase their tickets from home via this system. Be­sides the online system itself, ATRON sup­plies more than 150,000 smart cards for Elec­tronic Tick­eting, which is wide­spread in Sweden. With the in­tro­duc­tion of the ATRON DEBAS system, X-Trafik's pas­sen­gers can use inter­oper­able RKF smart card, which can also be used in the neigh­bouring asso­cia­tions Dala­trafik and Upp­lands Lokal­trafik equipped by ATRON.

X-Trafik bus"X-Trafik is most satis­fied to pres­ent the new an­nounce­ment and des­ti­na­tion & stop sign function to our cus­tom­ers now", says Erica Rudolphi, Project Man­ager from X-Trafik after the system ac­cep­tance. "With the in­tro­duc­tion of the new ATRON System addi­tion­al func­tions and even further oppor­tuni­ties within the cus­tomer infor­ma­tion to X-Trafiks pas­sen­gers are now avail­able" accord­ing to ATRONs Senior Project Man­ager, Sascha Stärk.

Further installations by ATRON in Sweden
Within a major order of the Swedish con­sor­ti­um BIMS (Biljett­system i Mellan­sverige), ATRON will com­plete­ly re-equip other Swedish trans­port com­pan­ies in the fol­low­ing months. After com­pleting the proj­ect in the first half of 2014, a total of eight trans­port asso­cia­tions will be on the road in Central Sweden with mod­ern ATRON devices. By means of this major project, ATRON will fur­ther ex­pand its pres­ence in North­ern Europe.

ATRON electronic GmbH
ATRON can look back on a history of more than 30 years. Since its foun­da­tion by the cur­rent Man­aging Di­rec­tor Anton Tomov in 1980, the com­pa­ny has become one of the lead­ing pro­vid­ers of system so­lu­tions for public trans­port. The port­folio includes three main areas of busi­ness: fare man­age­ment / eTick­eting, oper­ations control and pas­sen­ger infor­mation. The ATRON elec­tronic GmbH with its head­quar­ters in Munich and the busi­ness prem­ises in Markt Schwaben has become a group over the course of years - the ATRON Group. There are branches in Dort­mund, Magde­burg and Zagreb (Croatia) and inde­pend­ent com­pa­nies in Switzer­land and Sweden.
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