ATRON successfully completes installation at Norled

Norled AS, one of the largest shipping and touring organizers in Norway, com­mis­sioned ATRON elec­tronic GmbH in Markt Schwaben, Germany, with the instal­lation of a new back-end system in­cluding the de­vices for billing and eTick­eting. The special chal­lenge was to im­prove the com­muni­cation with the 45 car ferries and 17 speed ferries of Norled. Addi­tion­ally, the tick­eting of the Norwegian com­pany was to be simpli­fied. As part of a sys­tem solu­tion, more than 200 hand­helds of the AMR 140 series in­cluding the match­ing print­ing units were sup­plied and installed. Further­more, vending ma­chines of the series AFA 491 are used for ticket print on location on the route be­tween Stavanger - Tau. Thanks to the latest version of the ATRON back­ground software ATRIES, the online pur­chase of the eTickets via smart card is also pos­sible within the Nor­we­gian Ferry Asso­ciation.

The special chal­lenge of the project was the ever growing cus­tomer require­ments and a tight sched­ule. With the com­plete system accept­ance in the begin­ning of 2013, ATRON has been able to com­plete all serv­ices reli­ably and on time. "The very modern sys­tem solu­tion by ATRON has made it sig­nifi­cantly easier for Norled to trans­port mil­lions of cus­tomers per year.", says Norled Project Manager Herbjorn Skumsnes during the project accept­ance.

ATRON's Senior Project Manager, Arno-Alexander Filbig, was pleased at the proj­ect com­ple­tion in Bergen: "We are very proud to develop new appli­cation fields to­gether with Norled AS based on ATRIES and to be able to offer new prod­ucts in Norway with an even higher cus­tomer satis­faction." Within the conti­nuous de­velop­ment of the oper­ation, the co­oper­ation is already enter­ing the next phase. Very soon, an even more modern gener­ation of hand­helds by ATRON is to be used in daily oper­ation. The suc­cess story in the high North continues.

Norled AS

Norled AS is a fully owned sub­sidiary of the Nor­weg­ian Stavan­gerske Dampskib­selskap AS, which covers a large part of ferry trans­port on the Norwegian West coast with around 80 ships. Norled itself em­ploys more than 1,400 people and has a turn­over of more than 200 million euro. Head­quarters are in Bergen and Stavanger.

ATRON electronic GmbH

ATRON can look back on a history of more than 30 years. Since its foun­dation by the current Man­aging Director Anton Tomov in 1980, the com­pany has become one of the leading pro­viders of system solu­tions for public trans­port. The port­folio includes three main areas of busi­ness: fare manage­ment / eTicketing, oper­ations control and pas­sen­ger information. The ATRON elec­tronic GmbH with its head­quarters in Munich and busi­ness premises in Markt Schwaben is an inde­pend­ent com­pany and oper­ates inter­nation­ally. There are branches in Dortmund, Magdeburg and Zagreb (Croatia). The ATRON systems AG is present in Bronschofen (Switzer­land) and Linköping (Sweden) as an affiliate.

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