ATRON & Norled: a successful team during the implementation of the SVV requirements for AutoPASS cards for ferries in Norway

Stavanger / Markt Schwaben, January 2019

With AutoPASS on Norway's ferries: ATRON & Norled, a very successful team during the implementation of the SVV requirements (the Norwegian authority for transport) for AutoPASS cards

Since January 1, 2019, the passage on all ferries of the Norwegian shipping company Norled can be purchased with AutoPASS cards. Payment can be conveniently made per invoice through the central public AutoPASS system, similar to the arrangement for Norwegian street and city tolls. Norled was the first ferry operator in Norway that had systems ready to accept AutoPASS cards for payment of authorizations for its customers.

ATRON has expanded the existing sales system in a way that the AutoPASS smart cards can be used in parallel to all currently accepted payment options. Besides the existing Ferry Cards according to HB v821 standard, the ATRON system at Norled also supports the AutoPASS card standard, which is based on that. For both card standards, parallel blocking lists and sales data interfaces are provided.

With the introduction of AutoPASS, ATRON and Norled has also replaced existing mobile sales devices. A new Android-based hardware generation with the ATRON Smart Ticket Sales App (ASTS) not only supports AutoPASS, but is also a future-oriented basis for possible future expansions of the sales system.

The realization of the conception phase from implementation, test and pilot phase to the complete commissioning has happened in close cooperation between Norled, ATRON electronic GmbH in Germany and ATRON Systems AB in Linköping, Sweden. ATRON's Chief Customer Officer Sascha Stärk emphasizes the short coordination channels, through which it was possible to react to short-term changes in the project.

Norled, previously known as Tide Sjø, have been avid users of the ATRON DEBAS Sales System since 2009. Norled has a fleet of 80 car ferries and high-speed passenger shuttles. For the ferries, all sales are done through ATRON mobile devices with ASTS. The sales in the ATRON background system ATRIES are processed securely and then transferred to other Norled systems for further processing. In Norway, the construction cost for many roads, bridges and tunnels is partially financed through tolls. AutoPASS is the Norwegian toll collection system through the state road administration of Norway, Statens vegvesen. Most toll stations are fully automated, and tolls are collected in moving traffic. In Norway, there are ca. 230 toll stations where you can pay with an AutoPASS chip (OBU). These toll stations are all marked with "AutoPASS".
Norled AS
Norled AS is one of Norway's largest ferry and express boat operators. The company has 80 vessels and operates ferry and express boat services from the Oslofjord in Southern Norway to Troms county in Northern Norway. Norled has invested significantly in new types of vessels and eco-friendly technology, and has developed solutions used solely by the company. The company has over 1,000 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 2 billion. The company's head office is in Stavanger with branch offices in Bergen and Oslo. Norled AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Det Stavangerske Dampskibsselskap AS.
The company's vision is: The greatest travel experiences through innovative solutions and proud employees.

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