The world of ATRON

The world of ATRON completely revolves around public trans­port. Over the past 30 years, this passion has turned ATRON into one of the lea­ding pro­viders of turn-key solu­tions for public trans­port. One goal has always been in the centre: to make public trans­port even more eco­nomical, more attrac­tive and more passenger­friendly.

As a full service provider, ATRON supplies indi­vidual compo­nents as well as inte­grated system solu­tions from one source. To be able to guaran­tee the best func­tion­ality possible, many products as well as the com­plete software are ATRON's own develop­ments.

The ATRON DEBAS system with the asso­ciated back­ground soft­ware ATRIES ensures a per­fect co­ope­ration be­tween the hard­ware and soft­ware compo­nents. Even complex require­ments of modern transport compa­nies can be assem­bled as a complete solution by means of the modular design principle.

And since every company wants to grow, all systems can be expan­ded for future tasks with­out any pro­blems. ATRON will find a tailored, flexible and invest­ment-proof solution for each company size. With ATRON, you're always on the right track!


More than 30 years - ATRON brand is a syn­onym for cus­tom­ised and inno­vative system solutions.

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Have a look to our Euro­pean loca­tions.

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Facts & figures

Detailed information on corporate structures, management and certificates.

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