Successful Job FAIR for ATRON in Zagreb

Markt Schwaben/ Zagreb, May 2019

This year, ATRON joined the career fair ‘Job Fair’ from May 15 to 16 2019, in Zagreb.

“It is important for us to win highly qualified, young and motivated employees for us. Many interested students came to our booth and we were able to make very good contacts. Soon we will talk to some of the candidates,” Ms. Natalija Hranj, Recruiter.

Thanks to all our colleagues, who made this possible with their helping hands, and thanks for the great support of the Job Fair team during the fair!

Job Fair is the biggest career fair in Croatia which includes over 90 companies and is visited by over 3,000 students. The fair is held in the halls of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. The goal is to offer students the chance to see what job and career opportunities there are in Croatia, as well as abroad, and to connect employers with the best students of the University of Zagreb.

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