ATRON strengthens its market position

René Zeller

(Markt Schwaben, June 2016) Starting in December 2016, René Zeller will be responsible for the Operating Business combined with the Business Development of the ATRON Group as Managing Director.

We are happy to have won a recognised and experienced expert in public transport with René Zeller.

As a member of the management with Trapeze Switzerland GmbH, a worldwide leading system provider for automated vehicle location systems and passenger information, René Zeller has been responsible for the area of Sales and Marketing, most recently in the role of the Division Manager for all international activities of the company for more than 10 years.

With René Zeller and his excellent competencies on the world's public transport markets, ATRON continues to expand the market position of the ATRON Group which operates across Europe in order to be able to successfully master the many challenges of existing and new markets.

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